Stainless steel pure water storage tank, sterile water tank

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Introduction to Sterile Water Tank Products

The stainless steel sterile water tank is manufactured using new process technology and complies with internationally recognized GMP hygiene standards. And the design is reasonable, ensuring that the water quality is not subject to secondary pollution, and scientific water flow design. During normal use, clear water and sediment naturally layer, and can be discharged by regularly opening the bottom drain valve of the spherical water tank, without the need for frequent manual cleaning. Widely used in water treatment engineering in industries such as food, medicine, and chemical engineering in the water treatment process, it plays a role in sedimentation, buffering pressure, preventing water pollution, and storing water. Its size depends on the water volume, and stainless steel 304316 material can be selected according to different purposes.

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Product Name Stainless Steel Water Tank water storage tank
Material stainless steel (SUS304,SUS316)
Function Liquid storage , water , juice , beer , beverages  etc
Volume customized
Inner treatmnet Mirror or matte polishing
Accessory Liquid level meter
Manhole Quick open manhole
Factory Factory supply directly

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Structure and function of sterile tank

1. Design, manufacture, pressure test, and acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with GB150-89<Technical Conditions for Steel Pressure Vessels>>.

2. The capacity is available in specifications such as 100L-10000L, and can also be designed and processed according to the actual needs of customers.

3. The interface is an international standard quick mount chuck type, with an imported 316L or 304 inner liner. The surface is polished with a mirror finish Ra ≤ 0.28 m, and the outer surface is polished with matte, mirror finish, sandblasting or cold-rolled primary color matte.

4. The tank body has a liquid level gauge, air breathing port, thermometer, inlet and outlet ports, circulation pump interface, manhole, CIP cleaning ball, mirror, and visual lamp.

Purposes of sterile tanks

1. 304 stainless steel sterile tank serves as a buffer tank.

2. Used for dairy products, food, alcohol fermentation, purified water equipment, sterile water tank is a sterile and pollution-free process, and the fermentation tank adopts a sterile system to avoid and prevent microorganisms in the air pollution.

Instructions for the use of sterile water tanks

1. The physical and chemical properties of stainless steel material are stable, without pollution to water quality, ensuring clean and hygienic water quality.

2. The water tank has high strength, light weight, clean appearance, and elegant appearance.

3. The surface is smooth and beautiful, easy to clean.

4. Excellent corrosion resistance and good sealing performance.

5. High impact resistance and strong seismic resistance.

6. SUS304, SUS316L material.

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