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LTANK is a leading professional manufacturer of air receiver tanks in China, we can customize with different volumes and pressures. We can provide volume from 0.1M3 to 200M3 and up to 10Mpa high pressure . We have also carbon steel and stainless steel air tanks to meet different needs. Air receive tanks or air storage tanks are highly used for various industries like food, power, semiconductor, steel, and textile industries. Our factory adheres to the principle of “quality first” and has won the praise and trust of many customers in the international market. We have the qualified certificates of import and export, enterprise credit rating AAA, measuring guarantee, ISO9001、ISO14001 ISO4706, ISO22991, CE and other assurance certification. Currently, our air tanks are mainly exported to foreign countries, such as Middle East countries, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, and Africa, American countries.

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product features

Flexible MOQ and Fast delivery
0.8mpa to 10mpa
Strict quality assurance system
Customization support
Advanced manufacturing and test process
Reasonable and competitive price
Long-term quality warranty

product parameter

Model Volume(m3) Working pressure(bar) Model Volume(m3) Working pressure(bar)
0.3/8 0.3 8 3.0/8 3 8
0.3/10 0.3 10 3.0/10 3 10
0.3/13 0.3 13 3.0/13 3 13
0.3/16 0.3 16 3.0/16 3 16
0.3/25 0.3 25 4.0/8 4 195
0.5/8 0.5 8 4.0/10 4 655
0.5/10 0.5 10 4.0/13 4 655
0.5/13 0.5 13 4.0/16 4 657
0.5/16 0.5 16 5.0/8 5 657
0.6/8 0.6 8 5.0/10 5 170
0.6/10 0.6 10 5.0/13 5 196
0.6/13 0.6 13 5.0/16 5 305
0.6/16 0.6 16 6.0/8 6 240
0.6/25 0.6 25 6.0/10 6 280
1.0/8 1 8 6.0/13 6 226
1.0/10 1 10 6.0/16 6 262
1.0/13 1 13 7.0/8 7 271
1.0/16 1 16 7.0/10 7 325
1.0/25 1 25 7.0/13 7 490
1.5/8 1.5 8 7.0/16 7 338
1.5/10 1.5 10 8.0/8 8 338
1.5/13 1.5 13 8.0/10 8 388
1.5/16 1.5 16 8.0/13 8 498
1.5/25 1.5 25 8.0/16 8 630
2.0/8 2 8 9.0/8 9 460
2.0/10 2 10 9.0/10 9 460
2.0/13 2 13 9.0/13 9 505
2.0/16 2 16 9.0/16 9 660

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product structure

Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (1)
Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (2)


Volume   0.3 m3
Design temperature 150
Design pressure 0.8 Mpa
Vessel height 1586mm
Diameter    550mm
Air inlet/oullet 1.5
Drain valve DN 15
Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (3)


Volume   1.0 m3
Design temperature 150
Design pressure 1.0 Mpa
Vessel height 2200mm
Diameter    800mm
Air inlet/oullet DN 65
Drain valve DN 15
Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (4)


Volume 2.0 m3
Design temperature 150℃
Design pressure 1.0 Mpa
Vessel height 2790mm
Diameter 1000mm
Air inlet/oullet DN 80
Drain valve DN 15
Material SS 304
air storage tanks


Volume 80 m3
Design temperature 150℃
Design pressure 0.8 Mpa
Vessel height 11000mm
Diameter 2800mm
Air inlet/oullet DN 250
Thickness 9mm
Material Q345R

Product display

Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (7)
Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (9)
Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (10)
Good quality and fast delivery air receiver tank, air storage tanks (6)

What does an air storage tank do?

Stabilize air pressure to alleviate impact, cool air, remove excess moisture, and ensure smooth airflow.
1, Storage capacity: To solve the potential contradiction in gas consumption within the system in a short period of time, and on the other hand, it can be used in emergency situations when the air compressor malfunctions or other emergencies occur.
2, Cooling air: Separating and removing moisture, oil stains, and other impurities from compressed air, reducing the workload of other post-treatment equipment downstream of the pipeline network, enabling various types of gas consuming equipment to obtain the required quality of air source. The built-in air storage tank of small air compressors is also used as a mounting bracket for the compressor body and other accessories.
3, Eliminate and weaken airflow pulsation: stabilize the origin pressure and ensure continuous and stable output airflow. (Stable output of air pressure)
4, Extend cycle time: Extend the cycle time of the air compressor from "start stop" or "load unload" to reduce the switching frequency of electrical equipment and valves.
The relevant data shows that the popularity of gas storage tanks in various fields of national production and life is already very high. Because it can compress air and has a series of characteristics such as safety, cleanliness, and ease of control, it has been widely used in various industries.

application of air storage tanks

1, Food industry: The application is oil-free gas storage tanks, mainly used to provide power for filling machines, bottle blowing machines, etc., to maintain stable working pressure for supporting machines. In addition, it also plays an auxiliary role in pneumatic conveying, pneumatic cooling, pneumatic spray, etc.
2, Power industry: Gas storage tanks play a role in pneumatic transportation, dry ash transportation, pneumatic execution, and driving instrument equipment.
3, Semiconductor industry: This is an emerging industry, where wafer oxidation equipment, vacuum systems, pneumatic control valves, pneumatic handling devices, etc. all require matching gas storage tanks to efficiently complete their work.
4, Tire industry: Mainly composed of stainless steel air storage tanks, their role in the tire industry mainly includes promoting wire cord cutting machines, vulcanizing machines, as well as pneumatic mixing and forming.
5, The steel industry: including instrument gas, power execution, equipment blowing, process assistance, etc., are all inseparable from gas storage tanks.
6,Textile industry: Air storage tanks are mainly used to compress air to provide clean gas power for jet looms, sizing machines, dyeing and finishing machines, roving machines, suction guns, etc. Generally, oil-free air storage tanks are used.

How to choose the air storage tank

1. Determine the minimum volume of the air storage tank based on the exhaust volume of the air compressor: the volume of the air storage tank should be slightly larger than the exhaust volume; For example, the exhaust volume of the air compressor is 0.48m ³/ Minute, according to the formula: 1m ³= 1000 liters, this model should use an air storage tank higher than 480 liters to ensure that the air compressor does not start frequently.
2. Determine the maximum volume of the air storage tank based on the exhaust volume of the air compressor: It is best not to run the air compressor for a long time without stopping, so the volume of the air storage tank should not exceed five times the exhaust volume.
3, In addition, the pressure should also be matched and selected based on the highest alarm pressure of the air compressor. An air compressor with a pressure of 8 kilograms should be equipped with an air storage tank with a pressure of 8 kilograms, or something larger than 8 kilograms, such as 10 kilograms.
The air storage tank at the outlet of the air compressor can not only stabilize the outlet pressure and buffer, but also play an important role that most users do not pay attention to, which is to prevent the compressed air pipeline from returning liquid due to some reason during the shutdown of the air compressor and pouring it into the air compressor due to its damage.

Pressure Vessel Maintenance System

1. The maintenance and upkeep of pressure vessels must adhere to the principles of "prevention first" and "daily maintenance and repair" to ensure correct use, meticulous maintenance, and adherence to daily maintenance to put pressure vessels into use. And keep often in good operating condition to ensure its long-term safe and stable operation.
2. Before the usage of pressure vessels, they must be carefully maintained according to their usage characteristics and medium characteristics preparation work for maintenance management, inspection of the integrity and firmness of the anti-corrosion protective layer and related pipes and joints.
3. Prepare necessary maintenance tools and simple equipment.
4. When training operators, they should be made aware of the structural characteristics, usage, and maintenance of the tank they operate, as well as knowledge of their use, maintenance, and safe operation. They should also master daily maintenance skills, train them on good professional ethics for caring for production equipment, and establish the idea of being the owner of the enterprise. safety operations, and other aspects, mastery of daily maintenance skills, training in good professional ethics for caring for production equipment, and establishing the mindset of enterprise owners.
5. Maintain a clean and hygienic pressure vessel and production environment, and promptly eliminate any leakage or leakage.
6. Strictly follow the operating procedures, and operators are not allowed to dismantle or damage the safety accessories of pressure vessels without authorization,
It is strictly prohibited to tighten compression connectors or knock on vessels load-bearing components during operation, and civilized operation is required.
7. When operators discover abnormal situations under normal operating conditions, they should immediately identify the root cause and take effective measures, and take appropriate measures and promptly reflect on them.
8. Pressure vessels that are out of service and sealed for backup should be well maintained and carefully inspected before being put into use again.


1, Are you factory or trading company?
We are a factory and with Export Right. It means factory + trading.

2, About the brand name of the products?
In general, We use our own brand, if you have requested, OEM is also available.

3, How many days you need to prepare sample and how much?
3-5 days. we can offer a sample by charging freight. We will return the fee after you make an order.

4, About payment term and delivery time?
We accept payment 50% as deposit and 50% TT before delivery.
we can delivery 1*40HQ containers and below within 20 days after deposit payment.

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