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LTANK is a leading professional manufacturer of water pressure tanks in China, we can customize with different volumes and pressures.
Water pressure tank is also known as, diaphragm tank, bladder tank, expansion tank, low level expansion water tank. Used in heating, refrigeration, water supply, solar energy and other pipeline systems. threaded or flange connection; Replaceable diaphragm, with a maximum operating temperature of 99 ℃.

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The main functions of a diaphragm pressure tank include protecting the water pump, reducing water hammer, stabilizing water pressure, controlling pressure fluctuations, reducing energy consumption, extending system service life, and reducing equipment operating noise. The following is a specific introduction to its function:

The diaphragm pressure tank protects the water pump and pipeline by absorbing the water hammer generated when the water pump starts and stops, reducing the occurrence of water hammer phenomenon.

The diaphragm pressure tank can stabilize the water pressure of the water supply system. When the system pressure drops, it can release compressed gas to provide continuous water pressure; When the system pressure is too high, it can absorb excess water pressure to protect pipelines and water pumps.

The diaphragm pressure tank controls the working pressure of water pumps and other equipment by adjusting the pre inflation pressure of the diaphragm, thereby stabilizing the water pressure.

The diaphragm pressure tank can balance the pressure fluctuations within the system, reduce the hydrodynamic impact of water flow and operating noise, and lower the failure and damage rates of the system.

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The diaphragm pressure tank reduces energy consumption and operating costs by reducing the number of starts and running time of equipment such as water pumps.

The diaphragm pressure tank separates compressed air from stored liquid through a diaphragm, maintaining stable system pressure and avoiding problems such as frequent start and stop of water pumps and frequent switching of variable frequency pumps.

The diaphragm pressure tank can also serve as a water storage device. When the water pump stops working, the water in the diaphragm pressure tank can still maintain a certain pressure, thereby solving the problem of unstable water pressure to a certain extent and improving the quality of water supply

product parameter

Model NO.(volum:L / Bar) Diameter D (mm) Height / Lenght H (mm) Inlet A (mm)
T2/6 115 195 G1
T5/6 150 290 G1
T8/6 200 310 G1
T12/6 265 290 G1
T19/6 265 410 G1
T25/6 265 460 G1
T36/6 350 540 G1
T50/6 350 670 G1
T80/6 450 710 G1
T100/6 450 790 G1
T150/6 450 1130 G1
T200/6 650 950 G1
T300/6 650 1150 G1
T400/6 650 1300 G1
T500/6 650 1650 G1
T600/6 700 2200 G1½
T800/6 800 2300 G1½
T1000/6 800 2650 G1½
T1200/6 1000 2400 DN65
T1500/6 1000 2800 DN65
T2000/6 1200 2700 DN65
T2500/6 1200 3100 DN65
T3000/6 1200 3550 DN65
T3500/6 1400 3200 DN65

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