Address: Solomon
Application: Swimming pool
Product: Stainless steel sand filter, basket strainer


• High quality stainless steel 304 or 316L material.
• Easy installation, simple operation.
• Automatic welding, Polishing, Quality assurance, watertight.
• Suitable for any climate and environment
• High temperature, High pressure and corrosive environment resistance.


• Industrial sewage, the purification of the sewage treatment
• Drinking water pre-treatment.
• Agricultural irrigation water treatment.
• Seawater, fresh water aquaculture water treatment.
• Hotel, aquatic market foster high density.
• Aquarium, aquatic biological laboratory sustaining system.

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Address: Kazakhstan
Application: Aquaculture industry
Product: Stainless steel uv sterilizer


1.High efficient sterilization, disinfection of bacteria, viruses, sterilization rate can reach 99.99%
2. Sterilization broad spectrum sex: ultraviolet sterilization broad spectrum of the highest, it almost all bacteria, viruses can one-time.
3. No secondary pollution, ultraviolet radiation sterilization does not use any chemicals, no secondary pollution of water body and the surrounding environment, do not change any water in the water.
4. Safe and reliable operation and low cost: installed easy.

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Address: Spain
Application: Complete sets for air compressor
Product: Air storage tanks


1.Energy storage(for emergency needs)
2.Stable Pressure
3.Ease pulse impact on gas equipment
4.To precipitate water, grease & dust in the air
5.Improve the continuity and stability of the equipment for the gas output
6.Reduce the frequent start of the compressor, extend its life