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LTANK is a leading professional manufacturer of LPG Gas Cylinder, LPG tank in China, we can customize with different types and specifications. We have advanced production processes and equipment. We have the qualified certificates of import and export, enterprise credit rating AAA, measuring guarantee, ISO9001、ISO14001 ISO4706, ISO22991 GB5842-2006 and other assurance certification. Currently, our steel cylinders are mainly exported to foreign countries, such as Ghana, Mali, Congo, Nigeria, Niger, Angola, Gabon, Uganda, Cotdiva, Togo, Tanzania, Eritrea, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Dominica, and Mexico in South America. Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines in Asia, Yemen, Iraq and other countries and regions in the Middle East. Our factory adheres to the principle of “quality first” and has won the praise and trust of many customers in the international market.
Flexible MOQ and Fast delivery
Strict quality assurance system
third-party test report
Advanced manufacturing and test process
Reasonable and competitive price
Long-term quality warranty

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product features

1. pure copper selfclosing valve
the cylinder is made of purecopper valve, which is durable and not easy to be damaged.

2. excellent material
Raw material directly supplied by the first-grade raw material steel plant, corrosion-resistant, high tempressure, and high-pressure resistant, solid and durable

3. precise welding and smooth apperance
The production section is uniform, without bending or depression, and the surface is flat and smooth

4. advanced heat treatment technology
Advanced heat treatement equipment and process to improve the toughness of steel cylinder

instruction for use

1. The filling, storage, transportation, use, and inspection of steel cylinders should comply with the provisions of the "Gas Cylinder Safety Technical Supervision Regulations".

2. Steel cylinders must be kept upright for use. Steel cylinders should not be placed near heat sources and open flames, and should be kept at a distance of at least 1 meter from the stove.

3,When installing the pressure regulator, it is necessary to check whether the sealing ring on the regulator is intact and undamaged. After tightening the regulator, the connection between the regulator and the bottle valve should be checked with soap and water to ensure that there is no air leakage. Immediately close the cylinder valve after each use.

4. When gas leakage is found, immediately open the doors and windows for ventilation. Do not ignite, switch on electrical equipment, or use a phone (including a mobile phone) to prevent accidents.

5. In case of an accident, immediately close the cylinder valve and transfer the cylinder to an outdoor open area.

6. It is strictly prohibited to change the steel seal mark or color of the steel cylinder without permission, and it is strictly prohibited to overfill or invert,

7. It is strictly prohibited to use any heat source to heat the steel cylinder, and users are strictly prohibited from handling the residual liquid inside the cylinder on their own.

8. The temperature in the space where bottled gas is stored should not exceed 40 ℃, otherwise cooling measures such as spraying should be taken.

Solid bottles cannot be mixed and transported together with solid bottles that store toxic gases, polymeric gases, or decomposed gases.

product applications

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is a source of energy that is utilized in a variety of home appliances for cooking, heating, and producing hot water. LPG cylinder is widely used for indoor hotel/family fuel, outdoor camping, BBQ, metal smelting, etc.

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1, Are you factory or trading company?

We are a factory and with Export Right. It means factory + trading.

2, About the brand name of the products?

In general, We use our own brand, if you have requested, OEM is also available.

3, How many days you need to prepare sample and how much?

3-5 days. we can offer a sample by charging freight. We will return the fee after you make an order.

4, About payment term and delivery time?

We accept payment 50% as deposit and 50% TT before delivery.

we can delivery 1*40HQ containers and below within 7 days after deposit payment.

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