Effective tips on how to save LPG While Cooking?

It is well known that the cost of food has climbed significantly in recent months along with the price of cooking gas, making life difficult for a large number of people. There are many ways you can save gas and also save your money. Here are a few ways you can save LPG while cooking
● Make sure your utensils are dry
A lot of people use the stove for drying their utensils when small water drops are at the bottom. This wastes a lot of gas. You should dry them with a towel and use the stove only for cooking.
● Track Leaks
Make sure you check all burners, pipes, and regulators in your kitchen for leaks. Even small leaks that go unnoticed can waste a lot of gas and is dangerous as well.
● Cover the pans
When you cook, use a plate to cover the pan in which you cook so that it cooks faster and you do not have to use much gas. It makes sure that the steam remains in the pan.
● Use Low Heat
You should always cook on low flame as it helps to save gas. Cooking on high flame can reduce the nutrients in your food.
● Thermos flask
If you have to boil water, make sure to store the water in a thermos flask as it will stay hot for hours and you do not have to boil water again and waste gas.
● Use a Pressure Cooker
The steam in the pressure cooker helps to cook the food faster.
● Clean Burners
If you see flame coming out from the burner in orange color, it means that there is carbon deposit on it. So, you have to clean your burner to make sure that you do not waste gas.
● Ingredients to be Ready
Do not switch on the gas and search for your ingredients while you are cooking. T8his wastes a lot of gas.
● Soak Your Foods
When you cook rice, grains, and lentils, soak them first so that they soften a bit and the cooking time is reduced.
● Switch off Flame
Keep in mind that your cookware will retain the heat from the flames so you can switch of the gas few minutes before the food is ready.
● Thaw Frozen Items
If you want to cook frozen foods, then you should make sure that you thaw them before you cook them on the stove.

Post time: Apr-25-2023